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Anytime you invest significant time and resources into your job, your business, a real estate investment, or any project, it is critical to protect your legal interests. From business law to construction contracts and employment disputes, your lawyer needs to offer the kind of representation you deserve.

From my Geneva, Illinois, office, I — Ken Hoch, Attorney at Law — offer experienced, dedicated representation. My clients rely on me to protect their interests in negotiation and in the courtroom.

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Over the past 35 years, I have helped my clients resolve many complex legal issues. My practice is devoted to offering experienced representation to those involved in transactions, real estate projects, as well as disputes, to businessmen, homeowners, and private citizens alike, throughout the Greater Fox Valley Area.


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Call 630-262-8780 or send an e-mail: or a fax (630-262-8784). I understand the importance of providing efficient services. Give me a description of your problem, what you see as the issues facing you. If I believe I can help, we will set up a consultation, without obligation.

My first inquiry will be to make sure your legal issues and situation is within my area of practice and expertise. Then, we will discuss whether it is the type of case, dispute or transaction, with which I can assist you and work toward resolution.

During our initial consultation, I will listen carefully to your issues and suggest how we should both prepare for the next step. Taking the time to understand your unique concerns, I will offer possible solutions and candidly explain your options. I will suggest a timeline for resolving your situation and explain the most likely path the matter will follow.

Legal disputes jeopardize your investments, your rights, and your future. Choosing the right lawyer to represent you is critical. I want you to have a strong idea of how I will handle your case, before you make a commitment, so you have confidence in my ability to provide the representation you need.

My office is at 101 Hamilton St. (on the corner of IL Route 31 and Hamilton), short blocks away from the Kane County Courthouse in Downtown Geneva and within ten minutes of the County Judicial Center at Peck and IL Route 38 in St. Charles, Illinois.

You can be confident that I will never waste your time or money, and that I truly have your best interests in mind. Call 630-262-8780 or e-mail me to discuss how I can help you.