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As a business owner, you should have confidence in everyone you work with. Business partners, employees, investors, lenders, vendors and your lawyer need to be dedicated to your company's success.

For over 40 years, I — Ken Hoch, Attorney at Law — have protected Fox Valley business clients' interests in all of their legal matters. From company organization to managing day-to-day concerns and resolving disputes, I will provide the competent representation you need and the dedicated service you deserve.

Protect Your Business Every Step of the Way

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It is critically important to consult an attorney who can explain the business law process and protect your interests throughout the life of your company.

Business Formation

Starting a new business involves significant effort on your part, but simple legal mistakes can destroy your hard work. I will help you complete the legal requirements regarding:

• Incorporation and creation of bylaws
• Drafting and negotiation of buy-sell agreements
• LLC formation and creation of operating agreements
• Drafting partnership agreements

Business Transactions and Operations

You will likely enter into many contracts and agreements. It is important to protect your interests and clearly identify your obligations in contracts regarding:

• Advertising and marketing services
• Technology consulting
• Nondisclosure agreements
• Outsourcing agreements
• Consumer loan matters
• Purchase and sale of equipment, goods and services
• Purchase and sale of restaurants

Business Litigation and Regulation

I will zealously protect you in negotiation and in the courtroom anytime you are involved in a business dispute regarding:

• Contracts
• Franchise and dealership matters
• Employment matters, including wrongful termination
• Lease eviction actions
• Unfair competition
• Protection of trade secrets
• Commercial boycott and refusal to deal
• Trade disparagement and commercial fraud
• Compliance with state and local laws and regulations
• Sales commission and brokerage disputes

Shareholder, Partner and LLC Member Disputes

Disputes with shareholders, partners and LLC members require a different approach from disputes with vendors, consumers and even government agencies. I will help you find the right solution to issues regarding:

• Amendments to bylaws and operating agreements
• Capital call disputes
• Management deadlocks
• Buy-out negotiations
• Valuation of shareholder and LLC membership interests
• Corporate dissolution

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Business owners are highly skilled, yet legal issues involved with running a company do not often fall within their area of expertise. I provide highly experienced, professional business representation at Fox Valley rates. Call 630-262-8780 or e-mail me at to discuss your legal concerns. If I can help you, we can schedule a complimentary, in-office business consultation.